How to create Pads without hole

Please help me how to create pads without hole including footprints. Thank you for the help.

In menu KiCad>Help>about click on “Copy version info.” and paste it into your next post. I use 5.99.

In footprint editor; place > pad and place a pad, then hit escape key.

If you have a selection filter in the lower right, make sure that pads are checked.

Then (my mouse is reversed) context menu (a right click for normal people) click on the pad and select “properties.”

Then select pad type > Through hole

EDIT Sorry yes; “Surface Mount.”

EDIT Sorry yes; “Surface Mount.”

Don’t you mean “Surface Mount”? OP want to have one without hole.

Thank you guys for the response to my help inquiry. This is the design that i am doing, only pads i need without hole.


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