How to create more alias component

Dear Sir
I want to create new component for TI AM3359bzcz100 CPU. It has 324 pins. I want to create 3 different part for the CPU. I found some web page said that can create component which has 3 alias for the component. how can I create the component for the CPU.

or I build library which have 3 difference part for the CPU ?

hope get some tips


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You can create a schematic symbol that hase multiple components, similar to an LM324 for example. The only thing you then have to make sure is to check the ‚ÄúComponents are not interchangeable‚ÄĚ box and then you can create multiple different blocks that belong to the same component, similar to how it is done for other high pin count parts.

@ChrisGammell did a video on this:

EDIT: Another benefit of this is that they will all get the same reference designator and can be assigned one package as a whole.

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Sorry, You have not meeting pedantic man, You just meet someone stupid enough to asked the question :slight_smile:
I just learning myself for Kicad and have not any knowledge about electric