How to create isolated vias

I intend to use isolated vias as additional points for me to freely connect jumper wires when needed. I associate them to no net. But DRC gives off “not connected via” warnings. Is there a better way? If no, how do I suppress such warning?

Create a footprint with a single through-hole (similar to the existing mounting hole footprints in the library). A via by default will be covered with solder-mask, which will prevent connection of wires.

The severity of DRC warnings can be configured in the options, you can also ignore selected warnings.

You don’t even have to create new footprints for this. KiCad has a standard TestPoint library with 50+ different defined “test points”.

What do you mean with:

If you want to design a single sided PCB and add “jumper wires”, you can add jumper symbols to the schematic, and use for example a "TestPoint__2Pads_… as a footprint for the PCB.

KiCad also has a Connector_Wire library. Maybe those suit you?

If you want to create a test area such as in a matrix PCB, then it’s quite easy to add a few single row header footprints to the PCB, or create a custom footprint with an array of pads.

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