How to create GND via to connect gnd pins to remove the ratsnest

Hi, Can someone instruct me how to remove the ratsnest from the gnd pins? I created a GND via to place near to gnd pins but it doesnt disappear. Thank you.

The simplest case is to just define a copper zone covering all gnd pins in question.

  • Click right hand side
  • 'Add a filled zone,
  • Place as required,
  • Check zone setting like how the zone connects, clearances,
  • If some zones don’t connect stich them with vias and/or short track segment.

That’s pretty much it. Unless you like to route all the gnd pins by hand.

That is not really enough information to properly help you. @jos needed to make quite a few assumptions regarding your intentions and the problem you face. (Sadly these assumptions have not been made clear and require understanding of PCB design or better even KiCad to decipher.)

Your best course of action is to give us at least a screenshot of the problematic area. If this is not possible then at least give us more information (I am sure we will need more info than i list here but this should get us started.):

  • Is there a copper zone involved (as assumed by @jos)
    • Is the copper zone continuous or are there possibly islands?
    • Does the via connect to the zone?
    • Does the zone connect to pads as expected? (If not check zone clearance and connection settings.)
  • Highlight the via and check if there is a solid connection between the two points indicated by the ratsnest. (A ratsnest line does not mean that both ends of it are unconnected. Just that this is the shortest possible connection between two islands of the same net.)

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