How to create Gerbers from gifs?

I am brand new to pcb software (last time I make a pcb was with Letraset and acid!)
Is it possible to create a gerber file from an image? So far I have managed to do the following:

  1. Convert downloaded gifs of track layers to bmp files.
  2. Convert bmp files to gerber files using ‘Image to Gerber Converter’
  3. When I Import these converted gerber files into KiCad GerbView I get: 'warning. This file has no D code definition.Perhaps it is on old RS224d file. Therefore the size of items in undefined.

Consequently the layers are the wrong size.

Am I going about this the wrong way? There has to be a simple way to create a 2-layer pcb from gifs.

Thanks in advance.

I would say so. Using GIFs to create PCBs is a bad way to do it IMO.

Regardless, you would probably be better off using a tool designed for the use case, like

thanks bobc, will give that a go.

You certainly attempt to do it the very hard way.

Since you have done this design before in Letraset I presume you do have the actual schematic, and therefore depending on the complexity of your design, you are better of by far if you find a way to re-enter your design into KiCad fresh. This way everything is taken care of from the start.

A situation like yours is actually an excellent case in point project exercise to learn KiCad.

Gerber viewers are just that, a means to view and/or design verification without back annotation. Not even gerbv allows you to assign appartures and drills by hand.

To generate the D, and M data by hand is somewhat tedious and error prone. I for one would definitely NOT use that for fabrication.

The KiCad GerbView also does not seem to provide means to change appartures and drills since this is intrinsic part of Pcbnew et al itself.

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