How to create a short across an optional switch?

I’m making provision for a SPST switch. It may or may not be installed. I’ve put a wire across the switch.
If the switch is installed, the trace needs to be cut. The jumper (short) ties 2 nets together and in PCBNew, things get ugly.

This would seem like an appropriate place for a net tie. Any other simple suggestions?

Solder bridge.

Yohoho, bottle of rum and 20 more characters.


Its about 25 F here so the rum would feel good! Thanks!

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For this kind of configuration purpose we use net ties in almost every board.

Remember to place it so that you can cut it afterwards, after the components have been soldered :slight_smile:

If you use automated Assembly then a 0 ohm resistor might be a better choice than a solderjumper.

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