How to create a plated slot?

Many of the newer USB connectors, as well as other connectors subject to high stresses, use tabs that fit into plated slots. Can someone tell me how to add this to a footprint? In particular:

  1. What layers should things go on?
  2. How is the ring created?
  3. How are slot dimensions set, especially width?
  4. What special instructions are needed for the board house?

Many thanks
Jim Wagner
Oregon Research Electronics

Do you have some example to show? If you mean for example a footprint for a female microUSB connector which has metal tabs going from the chassis though the PCB beneath it, the holes are just normal oval THT pads. Or do you have something else in mind?

They are oval plated holes.

For oval holes: none.
Be mindful that there are minimum slot widths, varying with board house. For JLCPCB minimum slot width for plated holes is 0.65mm, for unplated holes 1mm.

Did not find the oval holes! Those will do. Since they are built in, I assume that all of the necessary layers and instructions are present. Finished hole width might be tight. The drawing calls out 0.45mm. Will have to deal directly with the board house on that.

Drawing hosted at Mouser is at:

Thank you for your help!

In the foot print editor, select a pad, press ā€˜Eā€™ for the properties and change the pad shape:

Then 0.65mm is ok. You have to account for tolerances, both on the part and the board. For JLCPCB it is +0.13/-0.08, as an example.

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