How to create a library with more than one component in it?

Just downloaded the latest stable release of KiCad and am hitting a very ridiculous wall. How do you create a library and then put custom part in it???

I can create a library (through the most asinine backwards way I think anyone could have ever dreamed of) “take a part, modify the part, make it its own library”…what? Ok so that is stupid enough but what really takes the cake is when you try to take the lib. file that KiCad has made (of the part??) and then try to add schematics to that library there doesn’t seem to be a way to do it. Instead you must create a library for each individual part. Meaning that instead of creating parts to put into one custom library you have to make custom libraries for every part.

After watching about a dozen videos and even KiCads’ own help manual I still can’t see how to.

  1. Make a library
  2. Put many parts in it

So I have turned to this forum to give this program one last chance.

Free or not, creating a filing system for a program was mastered in the late 1980’s so that fact that this is so incredibly complicated makes this whole suite and all the effort that has gone into making it look like a gigantic half baked waste of time.

When you want to save new part in a specific library there’s a button “Select working” library. Use "Update current component in the current library " to save it or “Save current library to disk”

Not “or” AND!
In other words:
If you update the component it is in the current temporary work space.
The library file is only written if you use “Save current library to disk”.

Sorry, didn’t know it’s a must. On Mac os, since 4.0 I rarely use "Update current component in the current library " as “Save current library to disk” always asks if I want to save changes to the component first.
You are right that to avoid issues it’s best to do both steps.