How To Create a KiCad Shell in KiCad 6.0?

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I was following the KiCad documentation on how to use KiCad and I hit a snag. In this part of the KiCad documentation where it says Netlist button is not necessary on later KiCad versions as shown in Picture 1:

The command Tools → Update PCB from Schematic is disabled on my KiCad as shown in Picture 2:

When I pressed the F8 key to “Update PCB from Schematic”, i got the error “Launch the KiCad shell and create a project” as shown in Picture 3:

How do we create a KiCad Shell and lauch a project in KiCad 6.0?

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Open the project file (or create one if needed) instead of opening the schematic directly.

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Unfortunately, that documentation is way out of date.

Try this:

You will find all the current documentation at:

Help / About Kicad / will also get you to the official documentation.

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Holy molly…I now figured it out. The way to create KiCad Shell in Kicad 6.0 is to open the project file in this steps:

Look for the folder where you created the schematic as shown in Picture 1 and open the “KiCad Project 6.0” arrowed in.

When it opens, open the your file on the Schematic Editor as shown in Picture 2:

After you opened your project, go to Tools → Update PCB from Schematic as shown in Picture 3:

You’ll see this intimidating pop as shown in Picture 4, which I’m going to explore next.

And that’s how you fix the error “Launch the KiCad shell and create a project”.

Thanks for the help, @jmk and @thebigg !

Dang…I’m reading the outdated version of KiCad documentation, indeed…but I’m too deep in following the old documentation LOL!..:slight_smile:

Or just click on the Kicad icon on your monitor then either “File” or the book icon with the gold star.

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