How to copy the "Library:Footprint"-String from PCBnew? [SOLVED]

In the old days (<=5.0.1), I could search for a footprint in PCBnew, insert it into the layout, then go to edit and select the string for library:footprint. This was my way, how I searched for a footprint and then inserted it into the schematic.

But with V5.1.4 this seems to be not possibly any more.

Is there any other easy way to get the exact string for a footprint?
If not, I would post a bugreport on launchpad.

Greets, Karl

Click on the Change Footprint… button. Don’t know if it’s easy, but at least is possible.

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That works, or Update Footprint.

It took a while for me, too to find a way to do this. I would prefer having it copyable in the Properties, that would be a logical place for it.

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Thank you. That works good enough.

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