How to copy paste footprint in layout and re-assign components

Hi, I am designing a twin circuit which like 80% of it is same layout but 2 times. Is there a way to layout 1 part, copy paste it and reassign the components identifiers of the second part without changing the net-list ?

I hereby certify that I am not simply asking someone else to design a footprint for me.

This is an auto-generated message that is in place on the “footprints” section of the forum. If I remove it and ask for a footprint to be designed anyway, I understand that I will be subject to forum members telling me to go design my own footprint or referring me to a 3rd party footprint site.

Right now you can copy/paste the two sections in the PCB and then manually rename the designators to make them match the schematic. Have a look at this post below:

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From the little info I can read here, this seems to be an excellent candidate for the “Replicate Layout” script. (Search this forum (or github) for those magic words).

This workflow worked ! I duplicated the layout, edit reference following schematic, deleted the non-layout-ed footprints and updated the pcb with the options suggested in the link suggested. It worked ! Thanks a lot