How to copy error messages?

When I try to copy error messages in KiCad V5, they won’t copy using CTRL C, or with a right-click and ‘Copy’. Is there a setting that allows copying error messages? There are many occasions I wouldn’t want to use a screenshot.

On Linux (which it seems you are using) just selecting text copies it in a buffer. You can paste contents of that buffer using middle click.

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Never heard of that…

Tried it, didn’t work.

Selected the error message (clicked the mouse and held it while I moved over the text, which highlighted it), opened a document right clicked and chose ‘Paste’. All that showed up is something I copied hours ago.

Is there some trick I’m not aware of? Keystrokes of some kind?

Don’t select paste, just put cursor where you want it and press middle mouse button. That buffer is not clipboard buffer, it’s separate. Copy-paste menu items are for clipboard, which is functionality provided by desktop environment while selection/middle click is X server thing and is independent of environment.

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Middle button copy doesn’t work in KiCad error message dialog box like the example I posted above.

Any other ideas?

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