How to copy and paste blocks betwen projects KiCad 5.0

Is there any way to copy a block at one project and paste it at other one?

Are you asking about pcbnew or eeschema or one of the library editors?

eeschema is my guess, it’s an FAQ.

There are several solutions/workarounds.

  • append sheet
  • open eeschema standalone then copy/paste
  • copy the .sch file, add a new hierarchical sheet and set it to the copied file

Resolved. copy bocks betwen eeschemas (KiCad 5.0 Windows 10)
“append shet” (“añadir hoja de esquema”) has worked well for me.

You can “append shet” form any other folder but it will come to the center of your shet, overlaping your actual desing. Because this I recomend to create a empty hierachical shet. Go to this new shet using hierachi explorer and “append shet” there. Now copy and paste will work betwen those shets.

I recomend also to ensure first that source file is working fine with KiCad 5.0. In my case, opening source file at KiCad 5.0 and saveing, has being enough to recobine libraries.

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