How to convert a 2 layer pcb into 4 layer

Can anyone help me to convert a 2 layer pcb into 4 layer.I am using KICAD version 5.0.1-3.
Please help as i am stuck.

In pcbnew Setup->Layer Setup, change number of copper layers, click OK.
At least that’s how it’s done in 5.0.0

thank you so much i got the Layer setup.Can you please tell me if there is any change i should make in that settings.


once again thank you. I had done this step but can you please tell me the steps after this step…

What do you mean? Once you’ve configured the board to have 4 copper layers it is now a 4 layer board. There are no more steps.
Now it’s up to you to move/draw traces, copper polygons and whatnot as fits your design.

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