How to connect the footprint pad with trace?

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I want to make the omega-type antenna on PCB.

so, I designed the below footprint,

But as you can see, the trace cannot connected with the pads on the footprint
I already set all the clearances are zero…

How can I solve this problem?

If you look carefully at this part of the screenshot:


… then you see red circles around the pads at the end of the antenna, and these circles indicate the edge of the currently defined clearance around those pads. Clearances may overlap each other, but in this case the clearance overlaps the pads, and that is always an DRC violation.

Next problem is the antenna itself. Did you draw that as graphical lines on a copper layer? In KiCad V8 you can add a net name to graphical items, and this makes them part of a net. In this case however, the antenna shorts two different nets (as far as KiCad is concerned, it does not know RF). It probably works if you define the antenna footprint as a “Net Tie”. There have been some subtle changes for Net ties over the last few KiCad versions, and I’m not sure anymore about the details.

in the footprint editor, define pin 1 and 2 in the ‘Net Ties’ section of the ‘Footprint Properties’ window.

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I set all clearances to zero, but the red circle is still exist.

I want to make the loop-antenna shaped like the above, and the entire antenna consists of trace.
I just designed the omega shape on a copper layer in the new footprint and want to connect the SMA coaxial connector.

I also use RF (~GHz) signal, and impedance matching is not that important for our situation.

Can you explain more details about using a Net Tie?
or If you know of any other ways to create a loop antenna, I would really appreciate it if you could let me know.

Thank you for this - it’s exactly what I needed!

My footprint is for a measurement resistor with kelvin type pads, but same principle.

I found I needed to reload the footprint to the edited version and then delete the DRC markers and rerun.

In the net ties it’s just a comma seperated list of each pad’s number that is deliberatly shorted together.