How to connect symbol with pads


I have a voltageregulator with 3 pins in the schematic. I would connect this pins to a footprint which has 4 pins (two times GND). How I can realize that without changing the footprint or the symbol? What is the different between Pin name and Pin number in the schematic?
How I can update a library after I have changed some footprints?


  1. The “pin name” of a symbol is just for your convenience, human-readable information. The “pin number” is used to make the pin-to-pin connection between symbol and footprint.

  2. If the pin numbers of symbol and footprint don’t match, it won’t work. In that case you HAVE TO make adjustments. Multiple GND pins on the footprint can be joined by assigning them with the same pin number, e.g.: (1,2,3) on schematic --> (1,2,2,3) on layout.

  3. You save it. Preferably create a custom library that doesn’t get wiped out by updates.