How to connect mounting holes

I’ve been given a suggestion to connect the mounting holes to a ground loop on the outside. I’ve created this ring around it but how do I connect the actual hole to it? A trace just will avoid it. The hole is a circle on Edge.Cuts layer.

There are mounting holes with pads in the libraries.
Place them on the schematic & connect to your schematic ground.

Instead of making a hole on the edge cuts layer for a mounting hole, use a mounting hole component. This might seem odd at first, but there is a rational for it when thinking about how the different files are normally interpreted by manufacturers. Typically the manufacturing file that is generated from the Edge.Cuts layer is the starting point for the manufacturer to build their CNC routing tool paths. But the holes for component leads and vias are put in a different manufacturing file that is the starting point for the manufacturer to build their CNC drilling tool paths. Because most mounting holes are sized right for drilling, the manufacturers will want those in the drilling files, not the routing file.

There are mounting holes in both the symbol libraries and footprint libraries. For your schematic there are probably two types of mounting holes that you want to place:
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These are found in the Mechanical symbol library. You’ll want to use the MountingHole_Pad symbol to connect a mounting hole to your ground plaine, and the MountingHole symbol for all your other mounting holes. (There are some people who don’t put mounting holes on schematics, the MountingHole_Pad symbol is the most straightforward way to get a grounded mounting hole in KiCad’s workflow. The MountingHole symbol for electrically isolated mounting holes is optional.)

In the MountingHole footprint library there are 166 different mounting holes, from 2.2mm diameter up to 8.4mm, each size with several variants including both NPTH and PTH mounting holes. Choose the ones that fit your use case, or if one isn’t quite the right size copy one that is close to your personal footprint library and adjust the copy for the correct drill size and use that.

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OK this explains it, thanks I was able to find the size I needed and connect to GND net.

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