How to completely uninstall and remove kicad in windows 10

Hello all,

I’d like to remove all data and files related to kicad and reinstall it with nightly build because now for some reason I’m missing alot of the schematic symbols I used to use like most of the connector symbols and I believe it is because the path is still set on the old database and hadn’t been updated and I’m not into resetting 150+ path’s and looking for them manually.

Thanks for helping!

Just delete C:\Users\ …\AppData\Roaming\kicad
And remember v5 had a massive reorganization of the libraries. It might also be that the nightly installer does not include libs. So you might need to download and setup them manually.

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The most recent Windows nightlies have included the libs, again.

Remember also to check out the environment variables. The old installer may have set them, the recent ones don’t by default (at least for me it’s unchecked by default), so check that option in the new installer.

This all is assuming @Mike_Lemon actually uses Windows…

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