How to combine a nice symbol, footprint and a 3D model

I have (an IDC connector) with generic Conn_02x10_Odd_Even symbol. I want to add a nice IDC-Header_2x10-1MP_P2.54mm_Latch_Horizontal footprint to it. I have a good 3d model XG4A-2034.stp for it from the manufacturer.
I think I have to create a custom part for this.
Where should I start.
I have a folder for my parts C:\Users\LM10_64\Documents\KiCad\proje\own.pretty

KiCad’s own libraries are read-only for normal users, and for good reasons. They can be updated and changed during KiCad updates, and you would loose changes you made.

So if you want to change any part, then you first have to create your own library and put the component in it (Often you start with a default library part you want to modify.

Once you have a footprint in your own library, it’s as easy as opening it’s properties and adding a link to the 3D model of your choice.

I do recommend to keep in line with the guidelines of the KLC (KiCad Library Convention) At the moment it’s being updated because of the KiCad V6 release, and some parts may be missing.

I have now the following files.


Where should I put them. Part name is probably XG4A_2034 or something like it. What folders, what names, what else?

obviously it is your first attempt to create a footprint.
If so, I recommend this Youtube vid:

Find out how to create any generic FP, maybe just a simple R.
Once you learned how to do so, try to create you IDC.
If nessecary, you are welcome to ask more detailed questions.

Also, do not underestimate KiCAD’s FAQ section. It has loads of articles about various subjects of KiCad. Articles related to this post are about library management, and creating schematic symbols and footprints (which also has some info on where to place them). But in short: Schematic symbols and PCB footprints are coupled pretty loosely in KiCad and this gives you plenty of freedom in how you can use them. You do have to think of a place to put your own parts for yourself though, and this inolves (again) library management Library Management


That guy in the video speaks too fast, there is no rush, quite opposite. And I have already symbol, footprint and 3D model files, now I have put them somewhere.

I‘m afraid there is more to do than saving your files somewhere, that‘s why replies might not be as satisfying as you might have expeted them to be up to now.
I am experienced in EDA, but new to KiCad. Here is what I had to understand when I began to use KiCad, I hope this helps:
Kicad comes with a lot of libs, but you cannot edit them nor add something.
Learn how to create your on libs for symbols and footprints to add your own stuff.

Symbols and FP are not (always) linked/married, think of them as independent objects. You will assign a FP to a symbol after you added the symbol to schema. Learn how to do so.

Learn how to add symbols and FPs to your selfcreated libs. That‘s where your files enter the game.

Once the FP is availiable in your lib, you can add 3D stuff, but I dont know much about that, cause for my needs it is to much work for to less benefit.

Lastly I encourage you to have a look at the KiCad libs. 2x10 connector symbols are included as well as IDC FP. They might even have 3D, can‘t check that right now.

Now, where to learn all the bits?
I gave you the hints to what to look for in the FAQ, the forum and in the net.

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You can put them anywhere you like, as long as KiCad has read and write permission to the folders. But then you have to tell KiCad where they are. Follow the guides and tips given by others and you will figure it out.

The symbol should be imported into a symbol lib, but not the standard libs since these should not be written to. Create a new symbols lib and import it to that.

The footprint shall be placed in a footprint lib. Create one and copy it to that.

Place the 3d model in a suitable place.

Edit the symbol and set which footprint it should use.

Edit the footprint and set which 3d model it should use.

Read some tutorials and watch some befinner videos and you will get up to speed. I unfortunately have no other suggestions then the once already given.

Hello @LM21 ,

Although mostly written for Kicad 5, the FAQs are still relevant for Kicad 6.0.0

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