How to collapse long bus name with bus aliases

Hi, I have a bus name created as ContolSignals{SDA SCL RS485_IC_TXD RS485_IC_RXD RS485_IC_TXE RS485_IC_RXE SPARE_UART_TXD SPARE_UART_RXD RS232_TTL_TXD RS232_TTL_RXD etc… } Is there any way to collapse all the list of signals name? as long as I see only “ControlSignals” I am happy.

You should be able to create a bus alias under Tools->Bus Definitions… as shown below


If you configure your bus alias like the below, will allow you to use a label like {ControlSignals} in your design.

More information in the manual: Schematic Editor | 6.0 | English | Documentation | KiCad Note that the manual is not fully up to date for KiCad 6.0 - some areas are still referring to old 5.x ways of doing things

I missed the curly brackets, that’s why it was not working. Thank you very much!

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