How to change width of a segment in OpenGL mode? (4.0.4)

Just can’t figure it out. Been using legacy mode for ages and I’m used to just hoover and press “E”. Anybody who knows how to do this in OpenGL mode?

I know that I can go into the properties of a segment in Open GL mode and change the width to whatever I want, but I want to do it fast to a pre set width (like in legacy mode).

Might be a missing feature in OpenGL canvas?
I work in Legacy 95%+ of the time…

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There is a W and Ctrl-W, but they set width on top left track width dropdown. New track will be placed with that width, or whole track actually being placed changes its width if pushing W/Ctrl-W while placing track.
Pushing W/Ctrl-W doesn’t do anything if pushed when hovering over a track already placed.

I don’t prefer setting width with hovering over a segment and push a hotkey, but

  • selecting one or more segments with mouse LB click, or Shift-mouse clicks or
  • selecting multiple segments with hovering over and I or U hotkey
    then pushing W or Ctrl-W to set the width of whole selection would be gret.