How to change Total Net Width?

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I’m first ask about KICAD PCBnew…

After i was done PCB Design, If i want to change net Witdh, how to change?

Track double click->changed witdh, Track double click->changed witdh, Track double click->changed witdh,

have i change every track? i want to know that All track width change in same net…

Use Edit Track and Via Properties in the Edit menu at the top of the window.

Set the Scope to Tracks.

In the Filters section, choose “Filter items by net” and choose your net.

In the Action section, choose “Set to specified values” and choose the width you want in the Track dropdown.


Thank you So much~~

I Changed All Track…~~

In case you need to select larger portion of current track (not all tracks as asked here): select segment of interest and press U once or several times. Just so you know. Also, you should look for tutorials on the youtube:

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Are you aware of “Design Rules” and “Net Classes” and how they work?
If you define a net class, you can set a certain track width, clearance and via properties, and then you can assign that net class to a bunch of nets, and you can define multiple net classes in a project. It’s common to set up a narrow net class for signal tracks, and a wider for power connections, etc. Normally you set up some net classes before you start routing a PCB, and then while drawing the copper tracks, each net automatically uses the settings from the net class it is in.

More info:

wow…Thanks…it is a good Technic.


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