How to change the plane of a 3D model in step file format

I downloaded the step file for a component from the vendor’s website. When I associate the step file with the footprint, it seems the 3D model is not aligned with the xy plane. Please see the figure below.

Is there some method or tutorial to correct this mistake? By the way, I have installed freecad, but I don’t know how to change the xy plane with the software.

Sorry for my carelessness, I found it could be adjusted right in the software. See the figure below. :sweat_smile:

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If you have FreeCAD anyway, you could use the StepUp workbench. It can import a KiCad footprint, a STEP model, align the model with the footprint and re-export the model to be readily compatible with KiCad. The workbench includes some documentation.

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