How to change the grid style from dots to lines in the schematics editor?

There is no related setting in the “General options” dialod. But there is an option in the eeschema config file:


But changing the first option to other values, does nothing. Or I am doing it wrong? How to make the grid to be displayed as a lines, not a dots?

Are you running the nightly builds?

No. The regular v5.0.1 release build from the Manjaro Linux repositories.

This might be something that has only been added to current nightly builds (and will therefore be part of 5.1.0)

I can install the kicad-git package, but it is labeled as “r12145.f5144eb5c-3”. What version is this? The problem is that it will probably compile for ages on my slow computer and if there is no such option, everything will be for nothing. So is this option really available in the latest git builds, or not?

That git commit is pretty new (12th Jan) so the feature should be available. Here’s the dialog from today or yesterday:


And here’s the canvas with lines:

Great! I will go to compile now. :smile:

Thank you!

What is your operating system? Maybe there is a build already available.

Manjaro Linux (kind of Arch with some additions)

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