How to change the cursor size ?

Recently moved to v5.1 and the cursor in Modern Toolset mode seems quite big in comparison to the Legacy Toolset. Is there a way to change the size of the crosshair ?

Eeschema / Preferences / Preferences / Eeschema / Display Options / Cursor Options

It’s just in the menu, not hidden or something.

Gosh. If you read the manual (Help / Eeschema Manual) there is even a button for it on the left side of your screen:

Similar options exist fro Pcbnew.

Did you read carefully what I asked ? Even the “smaller” crosshair is too big and I want to change the size.

Ah, It’s been a long time since I saw the old canvas. Can’t remember what it looked like.

I’m afraid that what you see in the preferences window are your only options. “Small”, “Full window” or “None” at all. Sorry for the noise.

I’d like to have only such problems with KiCad :slight_smile:

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