How to change pattern to pad?

How to change pattern to pad?
I want to change this shape.
Kicad also remove pattern shield?

Please tell me how to change it.

Thank you.

Are you asking how to make pads that look like the ones shown? You can change the shape of pads and the offset of the hole in the editor. The slots may be another issue as they would have to be cut in which means defining them on the edge cut layer.

Personally I don’t do anything that complex so other’s will have to chime in here. I don’t know that Kicad can define a pad of that shape as a foot print which is what I think you want?

A Pad Properties | Custom Shape Primitives will do.


Do you really suggest to enter primitives by hand this way? I would suggest to draw the primitive in the normal way. For example draw a polygon for that left arc on the silk layer. Add a oval pad with oval drill. Select both the polygon and pad, right click -> create pad from selected shapes.

Plated slots are not made by drawing on the edge cuts layer. Add an oval (or in this case round rect pad) with oval drill.

I personally would make the right pad by using two overlapping THT pads. One for the square section with the round hole and the second with the roundrect pad and oval drill. These overlapping pads would need the same pad number.

And regarding the shown picture: @1118 make sure you ask your manufacturer if it is ok to have the pad touching the routing path or if there needs to be some clearance. (If it is touching there is the danger of de-lamination during milling)

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