How to change or prevent renaming of net when tying labels together

I use several pins on the µC to define a hardware-version that can be read out.
For this, I use global labels (because I like the look of those…)

All the nets get renamed “HW_Version_0”

Is there any way to change this behaviour, to choose which net “wins”?
GND would be a much better choice here.

Schematic Editor | 7.0 | English | Documentation | KiCad states (in section Net name assignment rules) that global labels have precedence over power symbols, which makes sense. Why go though the trouble of adding labels if you don’t want to use their name?
Local labels do have a lower precedence though, so that can work.

One solution is to work with net ties. A net tie is a (small) footprint that connects two different nets together. You can also use the Solder Jumper footprints (Either NO or NC) to make it easily changeable on the PCB afterwards if you like.

Another option is to just connect them all to GND, and optionally add a text box with some comment on which pin relates to which hardware version.

Changing them to local labels did the trick :slight_smile:
Thank you very much!

Maybe I will look into net ties, making my own very small ones might be a better choice…
But for now I’m happy with the local labels

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