How to change multiple pad sizes at the same time

Hello all,

Firstly I would like to say hello to you all since this is my first post and I am certain it will not be the last! :slight_smile:

So what I am trying to do is to find the simplest way to shrink all the pads down so that it fits in the blue box. I could do it individually but it seems really tedious. If there is a way of selecting all and simply drage to scale so that it fits in the 10cm by 6mm. There is a faint box behind the green pads if you look carefully. Hopefully the resolution is good enough.

What do you all propose?

Any help would be great. I have attached the file so if anyone is up for a challenge to modify it and tell me what you have done would be great! I cannot upload the kicad_mod file so I guess I will have to email or something.



in PCBnew, Change the first Pad to be changed.
Then,Right-Click it>Pads>CopyPadProperties>
Then, Shift and Select all the the other Pads to change.

This should let you change the size of each individual pad, but the center-to-center spacing won’t change. I’m not sure if one can change the array spacing with simple scaling in KiCad. This might be more appropriate application for FreeCAD using the StepUp workbench to pull the footprint in and then push it out again from FreeCAD. I’m just not sure of the workflow inside FreeCAD.

EDIT: On second thought, the array tool (in KiCad) might help re-layout the array spacing. I haven’t used that tool much so I’m not sure of it’s strengths and weaknesses.

Do you have any experience with Python?
(Or are interested in it…)

If so, then start with having a look at the “footprint wizards”.
These are python scripts for generating custom footprints, and you can use them as an example to make your own footprint scripts. These scripts are typically around a few pages of text.

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