How to change color in Pcbnew


I am wondering how to change the dang colors of the background and/or the routing trace colors in Pcbnew?

The default background is black and the routing trace color is this faint almost transparent red. Its so dang subtle that I am beginning to think I am colorblind. I’ve been squinting and covering the abient lighting for the last couple days just to route my pcb in KiCAD at work. Makes the routing process significantly less effective.


Double click a color squares at Layers tab, and at Items tab.
I am using white background and full RED for top (255/0/0) and blue for bottom (0/0/255).
For some actions (like adding zone) I had to change back to black background but it was in some 5.1 version before 5.1.6.
In my color scheme the High contrast display mode is not very well.

thank you! so much better now :slight_smile:

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