How to centre PCB on engineering sheet

KiCad 5.1.5

This is purely cosmetic as I haven’t found a need for the engineering sheet with the title block, whose lines are in dark red on screen and often not even noticed. Is there a use for it? It certainly doesn’t affect the plot output. Do people actually print it, title block and all?

Sometimes when I create the PCB file, I find that if I zoom out the board is far outside the engineering sheet. This is easy to fix, I just select the whole board and centre it on the engineering sheet. It’s just to satisfy my OCD. Is there a hotkey for this? Or is there a way to temporarily change the dark red to something brighter to do this? Here’s a screenshot. The lines are very faint, in dark red. I had to reduce the page size to A5 otherwise the sheet would be too large.


In pcbnew right hand side layers manager items.

Double click on the little color square next to Worksheet.


:+1: Should have checked under the items tab.

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