How to bulk exclude multiple components from PCB?

In KiCad v7 is there a way to highlight and bulk select multiple components in the schematic editor to not be included in the PCB? I have a bunch of generic circuits in my schematic for reference but I dont want them to be included in the PCB.

Thank you.

Hi Shire
You mean not to be placed during board assembly ?, or no footprint on the PCB ?
If no footprint, how could you make DRC with unconnected parts ?
Suggest different projects. The way I am interpreting , it is highly unconventional.
But maybe I misunderstand your intentions,

Could you provide some examples ?

Unfortunately there is no quick way to do this in KiCad 7.

In KiCad 8 this can be done through the properties panel or via assigning hotkeys to actions (e.g. the “exclude from PCB” action)

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I think it’s “Do not fit” . . . but to be able to set that on multiple parts at at time not just one at a time. There is no “Properties Manager” in the schematic editor in V7.

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should be trivial to add an extra user field or two to schematic editor.

I will need a handful of schematic parameter fields before I can use Kicad.
ahhhh ! I see you can add custom fields already. K8RC2
‘disregard last !’

It’s coming . . . . .

thanks Jon, there it is. K8:RC2

and we also have custom fields.
So I can do something like
“LibID”, “11023”
“VAR” ,“DNF”

I believe (never tried it) that KiCad copes with symbols having “[v] Exclude from board” checked. and exclude their pins from nets so don’t expect problems with DRC.

I would place such reference at another schematic. When needed I would open it in standalone schematic editor so I would be able to have both schematics at screen and if needed copy a part from reference schematic to working schematic.
I have no special schematic for it till now, but whenever I want to look into another schematic (or copy something from) I open it in standalone schematic editor.

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Seems when I needed to place a Reference Circuit into schematic, something required fussing… in the end, I solved it by taking Screenshots of the Reference Circuit/other and using the Image Tool - I simply place the image. It doesn’t get Annotated and is, thus, perfect for my needs…

My Ref circuits are not functional in the Schematic’s with them - they’re just for Reference.
If you do want them in a functional way - you can have partial success by fiddling around but, the easy way for that is to Click the CheckBox to Exclude them in the Symbol-Editor.
(Could also set their visibility in the Editable text file, set to ‘no’ if it’s set to ‘yes’ and can do that with Text-Editors, Python code…etc)

Example with very Dumb circuit just to get a screenshot for posting this…

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