How to begin print to file in project directory

Kicad 5.1.5 on openSUSE Leap 15.1 (Linux)

This is more of an annoyance than a bug. When I print a schematic in PDF to a file, the current directory is where I started the kicad process, not the project directory. As a result in the print dialog I have to navigate to the directory first so that the PDF is generated there, and I don’t have to move it from another location, probably the home directory or the Desktop, depending on whether I was using the CLI or GUI.

Is there a way to tell Kicad to start the print dialog in the project directory? I think it may also depend on what print dialog is supported by the system. I suppose I could live with a cd to the project directory before starting kicad.

The plot function supports what you are after.

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Ok, that works. Next question is if there is duplicated functionality, why not make the directory the same in both functions? Yes yes, I should get off my arse and file an issue at Gitlab.

More so like a feature request. Apart from that there should be indeed some consistency between those two print and plot functions.

Inconstistent UI is a minor bug and should be reported

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