How to avoid Annotate adding numbers?

First of all, big fan of KiCad. I haven’t used it in about 5 years… the new version is very smooth, familiar and so far bug-free.

On my schematic, I have a few potentiometers that I have changed the Reference to “+15V-ADJ” type names, leaving the Value for the resistance value. When I go to Annotate the schematic, even with Keep Existing Annotations enabled, all of my potentiometer references get appended with a digit ("+15V-ADJ0").

Since this reference is going on the schematic, I’d like to not have the appended digit. I assumed Eeschema worked by adding digits only when the Reference had a question mark (“RV?”) but it seems like it’s just looking to see if the references end in any digits or not. Not the behavior I think users expect. Is there a way of doing this, or something I’m missing?

I know I can just let it annotate it as is, hide the reference completely and then just add text to my silkscreen that says +15V-ADJ but the reference text is actually tied to the footprint so nothing can ever get mixed up - this is very important when there’s many parts.

Here’s a relevant metabugreport:

(Following the links is a bit difficult and you can’t take part into discussion in launchpad because the bug report system has been migrated to gitlab.)

At least for me the annotation feature works as i would expect. As a personal preference i also would convert “+15V-ADJ” rather to an info text in the schematic rather than use it as an designator. Doing that will become very cluttered and hard to read in bigger designs.

That said i do not know a method, other than those you already named to keep that annotation.

Thanks for the help guys,
seems like for now I will just live with my labels having a “0” digit appended to the end of them. That’s a small price to pay for totally free software, and my inability to program good enough to contribute a fix myself.

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well you can add extra field and set its visibility

maybe create a custom symbol in your own library for future projects

Unfortunately, currently the extra field won’t be transferred to the PCB footprint. The designer would need to add the contents to the PCB as floating text and manually place it near the relevant footprint. (And remember to move the floating text if the footprint needs to move.) But I suppose it can work as a kluge with the existing toolset.

Agreed that extra field won’t be transferred to PCB. But it’ll solve the issue OP is facing with annotations in eeschema.

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