How to apply your thermal relief in your PCB design

Hello everyone,

For a project, I have to create a card that supports a lot of current.
Some of my tracks are very large (6mm) and I would like to create a thermal relief on some footprints.
After some research, I got this result:

but when I check the result on the 3D viewer I can’t see my thermal relief only a square around the pad:

Do you know how to apply my thermal relief to my PCB?

Thank you very much in advance for your answers :slight_smile:

Can you give a 3D viewer screen shot for us?

Yes here is the 3D viewer of the component

Try to add a filled square to the place you want, and choose a the layer to F_Mask or B_Mask

It did take me some time to find your thermal relief, and I was also confused by the white rectangles and unusal pin / net numbering, until I saw:

So, this (very small) copper zone does connect with thermal reliefs to the pad and the rest were just red herrings.

Your copper zone does create the thermal reliefs, but this property is only a part of the copper zone. These thermal reliefs do not change anything about the copper tracks you’ve drawn. So in order to see your thermal relief, you have to remove the copper track.

I only can select F or B copper for the square

Keep the copper there, and add a filled square also on it:

And choose the right settings:


like this ?

So now I have this:
The thermal effect is applied but I don’t understand why my pad is brilliant :sweat_smile:
Is it possible to make the end of the track circular?
Thank you very much xzf16 and Paulvdh for taking the time to help me

What is shown as “brilliant” in the 3d-viewer is the amount of copper of the pad not covered by solder mask, where the copper will be plated with some tin, gold or similar in the production of the PCB, and where the soldering of the component pin will take place on assembly.

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