How to apply Net Class to existing traces

I’ve an existing layout. Now I’ve added more Labels to the schematic and want to set the Net Class of those traces. I update the Net Class trace width and clearance. Assign the new Net Class to selected labels. This all goes as expected.

When I hit OK the traces do NOT change to the new trace width (as expected).

I am able to manually set the trace width, so I don’t think I’m violating a design rule. Is there a FORCE update or something I’m missing? If violating a rule, a warning would be nice.

btw - possible brain overload here (8-(

Edit -> Set Track & Via Properties.

Even then KiCad doesn’t change them if they would violate DRC after the change. Sometimes this is annoying, especially because KiCad doesn’t show what wasn’t changed.

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Thank you.

I’m trying to set a line with for a 50 Ohm trace ~1.5mm with 1mm clearance. All my 0805 parts violate the DRC as the pads of the footprint are NOT 1mm spacing. DRC throws so many errors for this. It becomes a major pain to just scroll through them.

Again, thanks!

Remember that the DRC constraints are set by you, usually based on the manufacturer’s capabilities. So if all your footprints violate the DRC then the DRC settings are incorrect. And if they are right, your manufacturer will not be able to make the board.

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Changing the netclass does not change the tracks already on the board, as you’ve discovered or already new.

To change the widht of already layed tracks, you have to edit them.
For example, [LMB] on a track segment, then [o] to select more of the net. Then [RMB] and edit (or directly edit shortcut, and then there is a checkbox near the bottom to change the widht to the net class width.


You can also use block selection to select the whole boards, then use a filter to only select tracks and then set them all to their respective net class.

I’m making some good progress on this. In your prior msg, “[o]” <-- what does that mean? I can select a segment then RMB and Select, More of Net. Maybe I don’t have the same version of sw you do. Running 5.1.5 here.

thanks for the comment.

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It’s just the o shortcut key, ascii 112 or 0x6f. it was supposed to be the shortcut key for [RMB] and “select more” but I even posted thw wrong key. i and u work.

It’s fairly common to write “complicated” key presses such as Left Mouse Button Function keys or Control key combinations in square brackets. I sort of forgot it’s not common for “normal” keys.

A few days ago my 12 year old dualcore finally gave the ghost, and as intermediate I’m using a pc that’s about half the speed of the old one. It’s so slow that even starting KiCad is no fun.

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