How to annotate specific components and hwo to start custom number


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1st if I would like to place schematic symbols equal space(gap) I am using large CURSOR to place symbols on the same grid line (X DIRECTION OR Y direction ). It difficult to count grid one symbol to each other any math or method to do so in easy fast way.

2nd .my project has lot of resistors, transisotrs ,led …etc. according to schematic each one has its own annotation like 800 801 803 odd numbers and even numbers too…How I can annotate same as schematic annotation do manually or any other way to do so …

please help


For placing. Set your grid size to a larger size. Then place based on that.

If you want more specific. Set up a user grid then select it.

For annotating. Hover over the identifier e.g. “R?” Then press. I think “v” it should open a dialog to set the identifiee.


Press “e” to edit the item under the cursor.


actually if editing one component then we can change for one only but if i want to annotate enumerate R800 801 so on instead of one by one… is it possible ?


Remember though, if you change your grid in Eeschema, you need to take care that the schematic can be connected up. The standard KiCad library components are based on a 50mil grid, so you need to ensure that any custom grid layout you use is a multiple of this otherwise you may have problems connecting components.
One hint for spacing - use the spacebar. Position your first component, press ‘space’ and the dX, dy will set to zero (look at the very bottom right of your window). Position your next component however far apart you wanted press space again & so on.
Not sure I understand your second question, are you talking about geographical renumbering so your schematic numbering reflects the layout on the pcb?


Guys are you sure there is a custom grid available in eeschema? As far as i am aware, eeschema has only a fixed set of grid settings. (100, 50, 25, 10, 5, 2 and 1mil)


It is possible in the nightly version, to be 5.0.0 soon.

Version 4.0.7 is more limited. It is only possible for hierarchical sheet number 8.


Yes @Rene_Poschl, you are quite right - there is no custom grid in eeschema only the ones you listed (I admit, I didn’t actually check what grids were available). Nevertheless, you still need to be careful if you use anything other than the 50mil (or 100mil) one though as components might not connect if they are ‘off grid’. I have never really found a need so far to change the grid from the default and I know people have come unstuck when they do - I am sure there is a case for them but they need to be used with care. The spacebar technique for resetting the dX/dY coordinates does work though for laying things out in eeschema (and elsewhere in Kicad).


Thanks everyone for ur cooperation


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