How to animate a movie from 3D viewer with autohotkey

Hi all,

I have found this interesting topic now closed at Animated 3D view

Well, I have made it with autohotkey application, I do not know if anyone have this goal in mind too, but I think is pretty cool to see your work animated.

Get the script and see it in action at Animated 3D video from Kicad 6 made with 900 taken pictures with autohotkey application help - YouTube


Cool! I guess I’ll need an equivalent to autohotkey for Linux.

Yeah, it would be awesome. I am indeed using it on Ubuntu 20.04 with Virtualbox.
Here My experience porting AHK scripts to Linux. - AutoHotkey Community some guys are discussing alternatives. Maybe you can use Wine?
If you have a powerful PC configuration you can even use raytracing.


you may consider

Thanks. I´ll ckeck it out.

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