How to add VCC/GND 74xx serie ICs?

If I add a 74xx (in the example below a 7404) then this IC does not get VCC/GND in the PCB (see screenshot below).

How do I add VCC/GND in schematics, and WHY is ERC not checking against this?



The power pins are in the last unit, in this case unit G. What you are showing in your screenshot is from pcbnew, for which the check is DRC. ERC is for eeschema.


ERC does not check if you placed all units of a multi unit symbol. I think future versions of kicad will get a more powerful ERC that can check if at least all units with a power input pin are placed.

Interesting… Unit G is not an inverter it is a dummy symbol to simply add the power pins to your schematic.

Very useful information. Thank you.