How to add teardrop plugin into KiCad

I downloaded teardrop plugin from Github(, but I don’t know how to install the plugin into KiCad. Please help.

You really want to go down that rabid hole?

In the description it reads

  • “This script has no idea about DRC, so it is not a very good tool for production boards.”

I am new in Kicad. Still i am studying the functionality of kicad. So i tried teardrops in kicad, Also i dont know how to install a external plugin into kicad,due to this reason i tried it.

Depending on your operating system there is a dedicated kicad_plugins folder (~/kicad_plugins on linux). A similar location would exist for windoze based systems.

In any case plugins go into that folder. If the plugins are designed properly KiCad automatically finds them during start up, or they can be updated manually in ‘Pcbnew | Tools | External Plugins | Refresh Plugins’.

You may consider this which is respecting drc


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