How to add Snap EDA External Plugin in Kicad 5.1.7 "POP OS"..?

Hello there,
i recently shifted from Ki-cad (Windows) to Ki-cad (Linux - POP Os) and want to install SNAP EDA external plugin for Foot prints and schematics .

I followed the step by step guide for External plugin installation in Linux from Snap EDA website.

it says create .kicad_plugins folder in “HOME” and paste the respective plugin files in it … but it does’nt work for me.

please help me if any have solution for this issue.

Thank you .

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Please add a direct link to the plugin and documentation.


this the link i followed and also one more is there @eelik

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Never use anything under /usr/ for your own data or files. Kicad should find plugins under your home directory in:

  • .kicad_plugins/
  • .kicad/scripting/
  • .kicad/scripting/plugins/

(on Linux).

I followed these steps also @eelik eventhough its not showing any external plugins after refreshing

I’m on Debian. A search shows POP is an Ubuntu variant so it should be similar to this.

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@learn_miscellaneous this worked for me (remove the space in the link): https://www.sna

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