How to add "dummy" SMD 1206 solder pads


I created a board where you can add a RC Filter if you like/need. How can I have a empty 1206 solder pad as a placeholder for later?

Use an appropriate symbol with footprint and just omit the component from the PCB?

You just draw the schematic as normal, inclusive the RC combination, and then you set the “Exclude from Bill of Materials” attribute for those schematic symbols.

A bit similar, there is also a “solder jumper” library, that has both normally open and normally closed variants. The closed variant can be cut with a knife to open it, and all versions have exposed pads in close to each other that can be closed by a blob of solder.

I have also 0pF in my library.

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Not exactely what I was searching for but thanks for your replys. I was hoping for empty 1206 solder pad without the 3D model and the value at the pcb. But I think I can simply create such a solderpad by myself.

Ask better questions then.
You started with asking about an RC filter that you did not want to be populated, now you’ve bent the question in the direction of 3D models. We can’t look into your head, we can only read the text you write and then try to interpret it.

Every footprint has a link to a 3D model. If you simply remove that link, then it does not show a 3D model in the 3D viewer.


Why so rude?

I didn’t ask for 3d Models I just want to clearify what I was asking for.

I want to add a placeholder for a part that did NOT show up in the 3d view or the BOM or elsewhere. Just the 1206 solderpads.

The solderjumpers are not the right size but leads to the right direction.

Caveat. I don’t get a chance to use the software much now days. But. You don’t have to associate a part with the solder pads. You get a warning but it isn’t a show stopper.

Is that meant for me?
If so, why would I deserve such a remark?
Maybe it’s a cultural thing. In some cultures you have to be excessively polite for “everything”.

As far as I know, you can’t “just place pads” on a PCB in KiCad, but only footprints, and that is easy with PCB Editor / Place / Add Footprint. Footprints that are added in this way are not in the schematic and are (probably) never added to the BOM. If they have a 3D model attached, you can remove that link manually. (Or create your own footprint without such a link). You could create a footprint of a single pad if that is of use to you.

If I was to do what you describe - if I unserstand your description correctly - I would include all the optional parts in the schematic.
Then in schematic editor right klick the optional components, klick “Properties…”.
In the symbol properties window check “Exclude from bill of materials”, possibly check “Do not populate” and if needed “Exclude from simulation”.

OR: In board editor, right klick the footprints of the optional componentes, klick “Properties…”, then check “Exclude from bill of materials” and “Exclude from position files”.

In the 3D viewer, uncheck the option Preferences → Toggle 3D models not in pos file.

In the example below, the LED D1 has been excluded from the bill of materials in the board editor, and the 3D model for that component is not shown.

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