How to add color frames around components that belong to a unique board?

Good evening,
I have a project Kicad, 5 schematic with two PCB board. Of course I used PCB index. Each component carries a PCB index that indicates on which board the component is located. This is not visible and clear in the schematic and should be made by colored markers.

My question:
How to create a color frame for example a red frame around the components in all schematic sheet that indicate to the first PCB board, and a green frame around the components that belong to the second board?

I hope that I have asked the question in a clear and simple way, I would be glad of any suggestion.

KiCad doesn’t support different color graphic elements yet.

Also you will have some issues with this approach in general, KiCad philosophy is 1 project = 1 board. There are ways to cram more than one board into single schematic but it is not a smooth experience to say the least.
Try to split your schematic and indicate connections to other boards with connector symbols, this will work better in general.


It’s possible to change the color of an individual graphic line even in 5.1.6.


Ah, thanks for catching that. I only checked text not graphic line.

thank you, How can I reach this option?

thanks for your answer. The problem, the schematic sheets are more complex and difficult to change them.

Select the line and open properties, default shortcut E

I suspect it will be more difficult to fight kicad to keep all boards in the same schematic but it’s your choice.

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