How to add an bar on letters of pinnames?

Hi, everyone. I’m a new user of KiCAD.
I don’t know how can I input an overbar on letters as I did in AD, just like input C\S?

use the tilde (~) before and after the part that needs an inversion/upper bar


Excellent!Yes, that’s it. Thank you for help.

Where should I be looking to find documentation for features like this? In the 6 months or so that I’ve been learning KiCAD there must be at least a dozen times when I’ve found useful tips, guidance, and instructions in this Forum . . . but can’t find an explanation in the “Help” files, or tutorials.


I don’t know… I read these forums here, I did do the tutorial when I started and sat for some of Chris Youtube videos. Then there always is Google, with the caveat that one usually has no idea how something is called by everybody else - so finding what you’re looking for is not easy… for example ‘add a bar on letters’ won’t get you far in Google. You either get lucky that someone else asked that question similarly and got a reply by someone ‘in the know’ that told him how stuff is called or you need to try a lot of words/phrases that might hit some sort of jackpot to get you ahead.

(I know this question just reveals my laziness to spend 20 minutes opening a few files and simply trying some experiments, but . . . ) Do you know whether this “Tilde Convention” applies to both Eeschema and PCBNew (or, for that matter, any text field in the KiCAD suite)?

It’s not just a problem of nomenclature standardization, it goes deeper: you gotta know whether a feature or capability even exists! It’s not that any information is being deliberately withheld or obfuscated - there’s a community of developers, power users, and Forum lurkers who are generous with answers when you pose a specific question - but it would be very helpful to have a sub-section in a manual called something like, “Features, Capabilities, and Conventions Related to Text in KiCAD (That May Not Be Intuitively Obvious to Mere Mortals)”.

And scanning through, say, the last thousand topics in this Forum would probably reveal the need for a few dozen similar sub-sections relating to other topics.


You lazy bum :stuck_out_tongue:
lil test… 30 secs… FP editor does it when I put it into the VAL or REF field… pcbnew does it when I put down some text… seems pretty universal.
Might even work in the frame template editor… ?!

As for the other stuff, sure would be nice to have this sort of 101 for everything, but in the end it will be so complex and huge that you end up with 80% not going through it and just asking it in some forums… wait, what?

Yeah, you are both right. I think KiCAD should improve it’s help documents, and even add a guid to show how to migrate here from AD / PADS / ORCAD / EAGLE…