How to add additional holes (for drilling) to footprint

I need the footprint “Connector_PinSocket_1.27mm:PinSocket_2x11_P1.27mm_Vertical_SMD” for a model railway decoder. But the decoder is plugged through the PCB. So I need additional holes (for the header pins) with RM=1,27 through the PCB. How can I add these holes to the footprint?

Thanks for your support!


Add a pad, then edit it’s properties and set Pad type: to NPTH, Mechanical

Thanks! I set Pad size to the same value as Hole size. Hope it works …

You should also turn off the copper layers, unless you want the copper annular ring around your mechanical hole.

I think selecting “NPTH, Mechanical” should automatically turn off the copper layers, but allow them to be re-selected if desired.

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Thanks - I set Copper Layers to NONE. It was not automatically done with NPTH, Mechanical".

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