How to accurately realign a footprint zero x,y?

So I drew a simple footprint following the data sheet, with the zero x,y dimension in the middle of the symmetrical component body. To comply with KLC, (for through hole) I have moved 0,0 to align with the centre of pin 1. I, set the grid at 100 mil, selected everything and moved it over with the wobbly mouse until it snapped to grid.

Now when I check pad 1 it’s position is offset by -0.04,-0.12. Even though, while drawing I’d entered all the positions into the properties window for each pad and line, accurate to within 0.01 mm. When I move the footprint back to its original position by mouse all the dimensions are again symmetrical around 0,0.

How do I simply enter that pad 1 centres on 0,0 and the rest of the footprint efficiently moves to match? I’m reluctant to have to adjust every pad, line and shape by editing the positions in the properties window of each.

Option 1: Use the move exactly tool.

First write down (or remember) the current position of pad 1.
Select everything.
press crtl+m
enter the distance you want it to move (multiply position of pad 1 with -1 in both directions)

If the values are hard to remember i normally make two move operations. I copy the current x position (using crtl+c), move in x by that amount and repeat for the y direction.

Option 2: user grid
Enter the current position of pad 1 as the grid size (absolute value of it as you can only enter positive values for the grid size)
switch to the user grid
select everything and move by one grid spacing.

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Thanks, both solutions work fine, although solution 1 feels better for less fiddling around.

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