How the h... do I create a new component


coming from eagle, I really love Kicad…2 things tho…

  • I can never remember how to do the simplest things
  • the first tutorials on youtube (yeah the nerd with the glasses) are outdated as f…

so how do I just , simply… create a new schematic component ???


You can find a tutorial for that task, among other basic tasks, in (Start Here) Frequently Asked Questions.

I never create a new symbol. I always copy one similar.
At tree view - right click - Save a Copy As…and I can give it a new name and select to what library to add it.

Symbols are usually pretty simple. The steps I followed for the first symbols I made are:

  1. VERY IMPORTANT. Define a folder to keep your symbols in. You can’t (or shouldn’t) put them in the current Kicad Libraries. I think you can do this from symbol editor.

  2. Open the Symbol editor.

  3. “N” for new symbol.

  4. Place a pin or two.

  5. Save it to your new library. Do this with only a few pins to be sure you can save it properly before you put a lot of effort into the symbol.

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