How should I deal with the Footprint value in PCB editor?

In PCB editor there are footprint value for each components which belongs to layer ‘‘F.Fab’’, will these contents also be printed on the PCB board during manufacture ? Should I also avoid the components while placing them (like Footprint reference in Silkscreen layer)?

Fab layers are just notes and will not be manufactured. I never submit them. You can turn off their visibility in the layer controls.

BTW a search would have found you answers. For example this one: pcb design - What is the Fab layer used for (PCB)? - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

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The Fab layer is not needed for the fab house, but it is handy for me when I am hand-soldering as the refdes and values are all on one sheet. I print it out and then use colored pencils to make the parts that have a lot of the same value (eg: 0.1uF yellow, 10uF orange, 10k blue…), Then I turn on some standup comedy in the background and fire up the soldering iron :slight_smile: If I have time, I get JLC to put the garden-variety parts on, so I have less to solder.