How set track angle

Kicad uses the term “posture” to refer to the angle of the track when laying out. The “/” key or right-click lets you change the posture, however I have not seen a way to set the actual angle between track segments. I have searched the Getting Started and the Pcbnew manuals and couldn’t find anything. Is there a setting or buried menu somewhere to set this angle?
Thanks in advance!

Select a track then Right click on the track then select Move Exactly and set Item Rotation.

You could deselect in general setting the box “limit tracks to 45 degrees” but that doesn’t mean that you can select the angle you desire…

Michal777, thanks. That’s workable although a little cumbersome. I was looking for something that was “interactive” while dragging/stretching/placing a new track.

Deppy, excellent tip! Thanks! Now if the Kicad developers could make that settable on the fly whilst in the middle of laying a track :smile:

Hi, I am not able to switch off the ‘limit tracks to 45 degrees’ button. It does not work in version 4.0.6
If I reboot the software, then the button switches on again automatically.

Did you test Legacy and OpenGL canvas?
What OS you’re using?
If you can reproduce - open a bugreport on the bugtracker please.
Developers don’t frequent this forum per se, we’re mostly support :wink:

Hi Joan, thanks for your response.

Yes, I tested both default and OpenGL Canvas.
OS = Windows 10 Pro 64-bit AMD

Interesting - Murphy’s law ? - I’m very excited because it’s working today… I played around with that setting again and am able to draw any angle.

Possibly because I rebooted the pc this morning?

Yesterday, when I was playing with it, I only switched the software on and off.

Thank you for your help.

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Nice information, thanks mate.