How not to engage if you want to help

Did you ever have this manufactured?

[Admin Joan]
I moved this post and kept the replies for posterity, while just minutes earlier I had to delete a post of this very same user in another thread that was flagged for spamming - because of him putting forward his service in a not helpful way.

You might want to start giving a reason as to why you ask this question. (I get the feeling you might be starting to spam shortly.)

No Spam here Rene. I work for a manufacture and just recently started looking at web forums in an attempt to help EE who need some apps engineering advice or really any help at all. Thanks though.

Why would you then dig up 2 year old posts? The users who asked the question is long gone by now.

Geez, Rene, chill out. Many of us have been here more than two years, and many of us would be glad to add further info to old threads in the interest of helping others. I had an article published in an electronics magazine more than four years ago and I still get emails from time to time asking me about this or that detail.

I would be interested in hearing about the experiences that the OP and other contributors to this thread had in actually getting their flex boards designed.

Maybe it’s a French thing - I once posted the simple fact that I was having a good experience with a particular (highly relevant) product in a French forum and I was immediately pounced on and practically run out of town as being a paid shill, when in fact I was simply passing on some info I thought might be useful to other members.


Haha. After having written the above (which I still believe) it turns out you were right - Sarag0 is a shill, as shown in another recent post. Oh well.

Yeah. Tough one. SPAM is why the threads now auto close but that creates other problems.

I don’t feel that this one is spam. Flexi manufacturers are few and far between and you really need one in your own country for the support

Last post Nov 16, Question by the user in question is very vague. Copied basically the same question to a lot of similar and even older topics.

I think it would have been better to come clear from the beginning. Stating that they work for a company and that they are interested in helping. In the first reply preferably without mentioning the companies name. (This could all be filled out in the user profile. But that is completely empty as well)

I never said they are spamming right now. Just that i get the feeling that they might start shortly.

Create a thread, that’s what this forum is about :wink:


I’m interested, but at this time only mildly, in a passing, “file this info away for possible future needs” kind of way. If I have a specific need I’m not shy about starting a thread, but I read the forum regularly just to learn random stuff.


Yes, sometimes you see things and make a mental note just because it’s something unusual, or something you’re unlikely to discover on your own. Sometimes you recognize that it will probably be useful, but not right now.

In either case you may not want to post a reply, much less create a thread, because doing so obligates you to monitor the thread and respond to comments by others. It’s not that you are anti-social, or evasive, or arrogant. It’s just that you are not in a position to give the topic all of the time and attention that it deserves.


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