How is the process for contributing works

Dear all

How is the process working for checking contributions to the libraries ?

Do I have to explicitly write as last comment
“Ready for check”
do the library moderators pick one when they got time when no submits have been done in a week or so ?
Sometimes I see that a moderator assign a push to him/her and then it will be ignored by others ?


The pull request should be ready for review when it is created.
Please give us a heads up if it isn’t. (Just write something like: Do not merge yet.)
If you wrote that it is not ready yet you need to tell us that it is ready now. (Example by writing ready for review.)

Assigning a pull request means this moderator will be responsible for periodically checking back with the pull request. (Sometimes life gets in the way though. I for example currently have exactly 0 time to check the pull requests assigned to me. I will have this problem for another week.)